Monday, 22 April 2013

John Glossop

Good Morning

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to go on a workshop run by the talented John Glossop at the Stamp Pad. On this workshop we made a book type box. Or a Box type book depending on how you prefer it.

This first photo shows the front of the box/book. 
The whole project was made from 2mm Greyboard which had been scored through so that it would crease to form the corners.

We also cut some greyboard to form the frame and two end panels.

The greyboard was put through an embossing folder and tehn painted first with white paint and then with some runny blue paint to highlight the embossing.
 The rest of the greyboard was also painted with white paint and then had a wash of blue paint over the top.
The piece of greyboard in the middle was painted white, the lady stamped on it. 
Then we, very carefully painted the outside with gold paint. 
When this was dry we triple embossed it with clear powder to gice the shine.

Inside the 'book' we used different stamps and colours of distredd inks to create a  'collage' effect.
This is a great technique as it doesn't matter if your stamping isn't perfect.

The two insides of the 'side' pieces were covered with torn pieces of printed tissue and attached with melted beeswax, the beeswax also gives a different finish.

On the back inside page we used the Bind-It-All to make a notebook.

This is a better picture of the 'collage' stamping.

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I appreciate all comments you may have on my creations.



  1. What a lovely :) Looks like the course was well worth it, such a useful technique for making keepsake boxes etc!

  2. What a lovely project - I've never used beeswax!