Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Using the Same Stamp !


I though I would show you all this morning some card I made using the same stamp.
I'm sure, like me, we all have stamps which we just use for one specific purpose. I recently attended a workshop at The Stamp Pad, in Saddleworth, where the purpose of the workshop was to look at how you can use one stamp in different ways. Therefore making the most of the crafty stash we all have!

This is a gorgeous cling stamp from Hero Arts. This was stamped onto white card and embossed with clear embossing powder. We then 'painted' with waterd mica powders to produce the stunning colours you see.
Again the stamp was stamped and embossed, this time onto pink cardstock. Embossed with glittery embossing powder. You can see the design of the stamp clearer on this picture.
Again this has been stamped onto white and embossed. Because the stamp wasn't as long as the panel I wanted, it was stamped twice and the ribbon covers the join. When doing this be careful to ensure you get the stamp the same way up or you have birdies doing very odd things like flying upside down! !  Can you tell what I did to start with! The left hand side of the peach panel was stamped with a text stamp just to give some interest.

Well off to do some crafting now, watch this space for more projects.

Happy crafting

Friday, 27 May 2011

My Beautiful Pressie


I just though I would share with you a beautiful book which was made for me by me super talented friend. I have tried to photograph it but couldn't really do it justice. So here is the photos from her wonderful blog.
As I have been poorly, I haven't been able to celebrate my birthday properly, so when I do I will put the photos in to make a lovely reminder of a good time.

Thanks Carol. As always your book is A-May-Zing Dahling!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hello There !

Well I know it has been a long time since I last posted and I am sorry. Since my last post I have been rushed into hospital been poked and prodded so many times that I felt like a pin cushion. The diagnosis was the I had very bad Gallstones and a badly inflamed Gallbladder. This meant a stay in hospital, LOTS of medication and then at the begining of May they took my gallbladder out! The only problem being that I had all this spare time and was too exhaused to actually craft! Even when the tirdness began to disappear I couldn't sit very long because of my staples! Yes staples, not stitches, I don't think the surgeon could sew!
Now getting to the stage where I can sit for maybe an hour or so at a time.
Hoping to blog a little more as I have managed to actually take some photos of my cards and projects over the last few days. Well the photos have been done a while, but now got them on the computer!

Here are a few cards made with goodies from Craftwork Cards. These are from a workshop I did just before I was taken to hospital.

Hopefully I will get on with Blogging a little more frequently now.

Take care