Monday, 3 June 2013

Andy Skinner Workshop

Good Morning

Today I would like to share with you a project I did on a recent Andy Skinner workshop at The Stamp Pad, in Saddleworth. Boy did this really take me out of my comfort zone! !

We started off with a plain wooden box and gave is a coat of gesso and then painted it in. Not any old slap on the paint and paint it all over, no we used 3/4 different colours and did small patches with a little blending in between on the lid. The sides were then coated in a metallic paint and then a crakle medium. Once this had dried, we painted over with a paler colour on the sides.

We had all picked a black and white image which was printed off onto 'cheap copier' paper. We then coated the top of the lid and the front of the picture with gel matte medium, then let them dry.

We then recoated the lid and placed the picture on it and made sure that it was smooth and there were no air bubble in it. When this had dried we then had to wet it slightly and gently rub off the excess paper!  
This took quite some time, but was well worth the effort! 

We then stamped ind inked aroung the sides of the box 

A few different views of the box.

Finally we put a coat of sealant onto the image to seal it and stop it getting damaged. I also painted the inside of the box as somehow I don't feel that it is finished without this. I have also stuck some velvet paper to the base so that if it is being put onto a polished surface it won't damage the surface.

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I appreciate all comments you may have on my creations.



  1. Your box is gorgeous, whereabouts in Saddleworth was the workshop?

  2. That is just beautiful...sounds like lots of fun too :)

  3. What a lovely box, absolutely gorgeous :-)