Monday, 5 November 2012

Mini fold up book

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This is a project designed by the fabby Carol W from The Stamp Pad in Saddleworth. We started off with sheets of 12 x 12" patterned paper however we then cut them down to 8x8". So you could use those 8x8" paper stacks that we all have lurking around in our stash.

One of the sheets was then cut in half horizontally. The first sheet was then folded in half both horizontally and vertically so that you end up with 4 equal squares. The second sheets are then attached to the top right hand side and the bottom left hand side, this then enables the book to be folded up. You can then decorate to your hearts content, but remember not to use thing too bulky as it won't close up.

To make the little pocket to put the mini book in we used another sheet of paper from the same range. One thing to remember is that if your paper has a direction on it be careful as you don't want anything upside down! This was simply creased, folded and the edges stuck together.

I loved this workshop and my aim is to make a few more of these fab books. They would be great to give as presents at Christmas to grandma's with picture of their little angels in!

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  1. Super mini and it would make a great present - going to have to file this to have a go at :) thank you