Monday, 6 June 2011

Not Quite Altered Art!

Hi there

As the title suggests this is not quite Altered Art! Mind you it is 'Altered' use!
My youngest son has recently grown out of his wellies, but as both my boys have used these ones I was reluctant to throw them away. So I decided to reuse and recycle them.
My hubby drilled some drainage holes in the bottom. We put some stones in to help with drainage and also to give them weight so they didn't blow over in the wind! Add some potting compost, a couple of bedding plants and you have a unique feature for you garden! Since we have done them, everyone who has been to the house has been dragged outside to be shown them!
The idea originally came when I saw a garden centre selling resin ones, unplanted, for £19.99.


  1. very cute. :) now where did I put my kids old wellies......

  2. fantastic recycling project, very cute :)

  3. LOL...great use for those wellies! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen