Saturday, 11 June 2011

Card Candy

Hi there

How many people out there have bought the Craftwork Cards, Card Candy? ? ? Does anyone else find that as fast as you use it, more appears in your stash??? I love this product and have it in farr too many colours. So as well as using in the traditional way, I have been looking at different ways to put it on my cards, and possibly scrapbook pages.

As my supply seems never ending I have been playing. My inspiration for these came from a feature in a magazine, sorry I don't recall which magazine, or even how long ago.
I have turned my card candy into flowers.

First of all I punched a circle of white card, I used a 1 1/2" circle as this was all I had to hand. Then I used a tacky glue, I used a one from Crafty Notions, and put a 10p size circle of glue down. Then, using tweezers, I put a candy upside down in the glue. Then I arranged more candy around it just tucking the candy under the centre one and into the glue. I then carried on all the way around. You can either leave them quite spread out or stand then more upright.
This is how it will look with one layer of 'petals'.

This is how it will look with two layers of 'petals'.

You can then play until you get you chosen effect. Try using just one colour for a very dramatic flower.
Or use different colours to pull your card or project together. 
I found my reverse tweezers from EKSuccess to be invaluable doing these.
I hope this has inspired you to use you card candy in more ways now. One this I will say is that it doesn't work with the metallic candy as they are white underneath :(

Happy Crafting