Friday, 21 January 2011

Paper Roses

Well not quite Paper this time. Whilst blog hopping last weekend I came accross a blog showing how to use craft foil (metal sheets) to make 3d roses for crafting. I had a go and the my efforts are below. My only problem with this is I know which blog I started on, and where iwent from there, but somewhere along the way I have got lost and cannot find the blog again. Now before you all shout at the screen and say look in your history, I had issues with my PC on sunday evening and hubby rebooted and cleaned and did what he had to to get it to work again, only it wiped the history! ! !

I have used the Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers die (using the smallest flower) this has been die cut 3 times using my Big Shot. I then cut between the petals taking them closer to the middle. The the edges were curled backwards before each petal was pinched in the middle to give it shape. I then took alternate petals and foled them into the middle 3 at a time, you can shape them as you go. Then with the next layer i just shaped the petals and folded then around the bud made first. The did the same for the last layer.
The photos don't really do them justice but it is really hard to photograph shiney metal flowers with the flash on or off! I hope you like these, they are sooo much nicer in real life!

Off for another blog hop now to see if I can find the proper instructions for you all!

Happy Crafting

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  1. Oh these look fab, but I would lovel a clearer photo to see the details of them. You have me intrigued!