Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Well I did say that i would TRY to post every other day this year, I made a week! ! ! Well that is longer than my diet lasted!
Over the weekend I decided, that as I couldn't afford a Cricut Expression, I had better start using my CraftRobo/Silhouette. It has been sat on my desk for almost 2 years and only used to cut titles or words. I was trying to work out why I didn't use it very much? I came to the conclusion that it was because I forgot what designs I had stored on my PC. So I sat and played most of the weekend cutting out one of every design i had (approx 5cm high). I then stuck them to a piece of paper in alphabetical order. I now have an A4 file A-Z with each of my designs printed out. I also did a seperate sheet for all the border and frame designs that I have.

I have now found that I have used my Robo more over the last few days than I did over the whole of last year!
I would thoroughly receommend it to anyone who has a robo/silhouette to do this, It also gets you using your machine more so that things come to you more naturally rather than having to check instructions each time you use it. I also looked at why I wanted a cricut, when I looked at the cartridges there was always some images that I would not use, so why pay for them???

Will try and put some pictures up when I find some batteries to put in my camera!

Take care


  1. I actually do this with my stamps. I have them stamped onto old paper (old printer paper that has been printed in error) and also digi stamps I have printed out. Then I can flick through the pages and see exactly what I need. Its a good idea to have these files, it helps me as I have very little room for anything so I am not looking for a needle in a haystack

  2. well done you, I do this with my cricut cartridges.

    Are you suffering withdrawl as much as me?????