Thursday, 21 October 2010

Crafting Weekend

Well hello again.

This is just a short post today as I am busy packing and getting ready for this weekend.
I am soo excited, I am going on a crafting retreat organised by the lovely Gwen at the Stamp Pad, in Saddleworth. It promises to be a fantastic weekend with lots of goodies promised! At the moment I am just looking forward to a relaxing weekend with friends, Old and New. I think the crafting may be a bonus. No husband, no children and certainly no housework! What more could a girl want, well except for chocolate, mind you there will probably be that as well!
 This is the venue for the weekend, it looks stunning.

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  1. Ooh would love to know more about the retreat - I'm obviously too late for this one, but am only in Halifax so pretty close to the Stamp Pad :D